America Will Remain Deeply Divided In Long-Term EV Adoption


the United States will continue to experience significant regional variations in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. The J.D. Power’s 2023 E-Vision Intelligence Report suggests that certain regions will lead the charge in EV adoption, rather than the entire nation as a whole. Currently, EV sales account for 7.1 percent of the retail automobile market, and this trend is expected to continue.

The top 10 states showing enthusiasm for zero-emission vehicles include California, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington, Nevada, Maryland, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Massachusetts. On the other hand, states with lackluster EV adoption include Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Wyoming, Louisiana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and West Virginia.

JD Power predicts that by 2035, 70 percent of all new vehicles in the U.S. will be electric, with California projected to have a 94 percent market share. North Dakota, currently having the lowest EV adoption rate, is expected to reach a 19 percent statewide EV market share by 2035. South Dakota is estimated to have a 35 percent EV penetration, while Michigan could reach 41 percent.

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