First Production Tesla Cybertruck has been built at Giga Texas

first Cybertruck

Tesla has made an exciting announcement regarding the Cyber truck claiming to have completed the construction of the first cyber truck at gigafactory Texas this news raises questions about whether the electric pickup truck is ahead of its planned schedule previously Tesla provided a general timeline for the Cyber truck stating that production would commence this summer and that a delivery event was scheduled around the end of Q3 which would indicate sometime in September 2023 recent reports revealed that Tesla informed its suppliers to prepare for the release candidates of the Cyber truck in late August with production expected to begin in early October in a Twitter announcement Tesla shared the news of the completion of the first cyber truck at gigafactory Texas it is reasonable to assume that this unit represents a significant step toward full-scale production potentially surpassing the initial timeline shared with suppliers earlier this year this development raises the question of whether deliveries might occur earlier than anticipated furthermore it leaves us wondering whether we will finally obtain detailed specifications and pricing information for the Cyber truck although Tesla’s progress seems to indicate a potential ahead of schedule situation it’s important to note that the official delivery event is scheduled for late September Tesla might prioritize fine-tuning the production process and supply chain to ensure a smoother production ramp regardless it is likely that Tesla will strive to deliver as many cyber trucks as possible by the end of the quarter as promised during the aforementioned delivery event as for the specifications and pricing Tesla has not released any updates since the initial prototype launch in 2019. Elon Musk has hinted that an update will be shared exclusively at the delivery event suggesting that initial deliveries may be limited to Tesla employees and Insiders with these exciting developments it appears that Tesla customers can expect an intriguing end to the quarter as they eagerly await further updates on the Cyber truck


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