Introducing the Brand New Renault S Pass SUV

Renault S Pass

Renault has just introduced its latest SUV, the brand new Renault S Pass. In this article, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about this new car, from its exterior and interior design to its engine specifications.

The S Pass is the sixth generation of Renault’s popular MPV series, which started in 1984. However, with the decline in popularity of MPVs, Renault decided to discontinue the model and replace it with an SUV. This new car is a stretched-out version of the Renault Astral, another recent SUV from the French automaker.

Renault S Pass

Let’s start by discussing the car’s exterior design. The S Pass has a familiar look, with its C-shaped headlights and grille, which are reminiscent of the Renault Astral. However, the S Pass has slats in its grille, which is a design change from the Astral. The car’s back-end design also looks similar to the Astral, with C-shaped rear lights that are not connected. The main difference is that the S Pass has a straight roofline that runs all the way to the back and downwards. The car is 4.72 meters long, which is 14 centimeters shorter than the previous generation of the S Pass.

The back of the S Pass features the Four Control logo, which refers to Renault’s four-wheel-drive system. The system allows the rear wheels to counter-steer, which is helpful for such a large car. Renault claims that the S Pass with the Four Control system has a turning circle that is similar to that of a Renault Clio. Additionally, the car features the E-Tec hybrid logo, which indicates that the car has an electrified drivetrain.

Moving on to the interior of the car, the S Pass is a roomy vehicle that comfortably seats five people. However, you can also get the car as a seven-seater. The car has holders in the back for cups and other items. The five-seater S Pass has 777 liters of cargo space, which can be expanded to almost 1800 liters by folding down the seats.

Renault S Pass

The back seats in the S Pass are movable by about 22 centimeters, allowing for more legroom. The top version of the car comes with white or beige leather seats, which is one of the best options available. The car also has a massive panoramic roof, which is one of the largest available in the market.

The S Pass has an infotainment system that runs Google Android automotive, which is quick and responsive. The system also supports Google Assistant, Amazon Music, Waze, and Spotify. The car has modern USB-C ports throughout, including in the back seat.

New Renault S Pass SUV

In terms of engine specifications, the S Pass comes with a range of gasoline and diesel engines, as well as a hybrid option. The hybrid variant features a 1.6-liter engine and two electric motors, which deliver a total output of 160 horsepower.

In conclusion, the brand-new Renault S Pass is a stylish and spacious SUV that offers a range of features and options. With its modern design, spacious interior, and advanced infotainment system, the S Pass is an excellent choice for those in the market for a new SUV.


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