The New BMW i5 M60 xDrive


performance of this car it’s got 601 horsepower it’s got up to 820 newton meters of torque and it has a limited top speed of 230 kilometers per hour and 0 to 100 goes by in just 3.8 seconds , now all of this is due to the amp specific technology in this car we’ve got a specific electric drivetrain a specific X drive system a specific suspension tuning for more agility precision and Dynamics as well as iconic sounds made by Hans Zimmer the famous Hollywood composer making this really a very very special all-electric and performance vehicle

Front part

now let’s take a look at the front of the all-new I5 M60 And what you can see in the center is the new amp specific kidney grille with the M logo inside and also with the black outline in combination with black in the headlights which is part of the M sport pro package as well as the iconic glow which give this car such a strong presence.

Color Of This Car

Is a new color which is called fire red that we introduce with the I5 M60 and gives this car also a very very strong and sporty impression.

if we take a look at the side there are two things that are obvious first of all the amp performance specific wheels in B collar 20 inch and behind that wheel there’s also brake caliper which is red as a part of the M sport Pro package now also the suspension itself  has been tuned to APM performance targets meaning we have adapted the variable damper control as well as the integral active steering system and also lowered the car by eight millimeters to get that precision Dynamics and agility we want to have from a typical AMP performance vehicle.

Carbon Fiber Outside Mirrors

Now the second thing is the outside mirror here next to me which is also the typical m double spoke outside mirror in this case as part of the carbon package made out of carbon fiber.

A Luxurious High-Performance Cabin with M-Specific Touches

now if we take a look into the interior, you can see a lot of amp specific features like for instance the m-typical steering wheel with the typical amp stitching on the inside of the steering wheel as well as the red 12 o’clock Mark and also we have typical amp design for the interface for all the displays in the car and if we look at the materials in the car especially at the bars you can see a very three-dimensional effect of this bar made out of carbon fiber
with a Silver Thread which is woven into the carbon fiber giving it a very very strong impression

and also, the seats are very special because it’s a combination of veganza with Alcantara and the seat is perforated and you can also see red and blue colors shining through this perforation so when a business sedan meets M performance, I think you might say we’re getting into serious business here.

The Bold and Sporty Rear Design of the BMW M Performance Car

well, what started with a strong M signature at the front also ends with a strong amp signature at the rear you can see an M performance specific rear spoiler in this case made out of carbon fiber as part of the carbon fiber package as well as the M60 logo right here and last but not least the amp performance specific rear diffuser giving the same strong bold statement that you already saw at the front of this car.

now to wrap things up this is the first all-electric business sedan by BWM M it also is the fourth all-electric vehicle made by BMW M and also it shows that election Mobility is possible without compromises making this the ultimate electric driving machine.


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